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Design Your Own Look

Craft Your Unique Style

Elevate & Co. invites you to become the designer of your own fashion. Unleash your creativity with our innovative configurator. Explore endless possibilities to craft your unique style through embroidery or print. Here's how:

Be the Designer

Be your fashion designer with just a few clicks. From caps to tees, hoodies to jerseys, our wide selection of clothing is your canvas.

Embroidery or Print

Choose your preferred method - elegant embroidery for a timeless touch or vibrant print for a bold statement.

Play with Fonts

Find the perfect font style that mirrors your personality. Bold and modern? Classic and timeless? It's up to you.

Add Graphics

Select from our extensive library of graphics or upload your artwork for a personal touch.

Unlimited Colors

No limitations here! Play with colors until you create your dream look.

See It Before You Wear It

Our configurator provides a real-time illustration of your design, so you know exactly how it will look.

Quality Assured

Our commitment to quality ensures your creation is more than just stylish; it's durable and comfortable.

Elevate your style today. Click 'Design Now' and be the fashion designer you were born to be. Express yourself through clothing that's uniquely yours


We understand that designing your unique product is a special experience, and we're here to make it as close to your vision as possible. Please keep in mind that while we strive to replicate your design faithfully, there may be some limitations when it comes to sizing, especially for details like embroidery, which cannot exceed 4"X4". Rest assured, we'll do our best to ensure the final product mirrors your design while respecting these guidelines.

We're excited to help you bring your creative vision to life with our build-your-own feature.

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